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Hi, whats your name?

Hi {{answer_27219218}},
Even 'Superman' is powerless to a dirty house!
So lets find out exactly what you want done and make sure you get away with the best price possible!

Yes, we service people in the {{answer_27424734}} area.

What style of living arrangement are you in?

Sorry {{answer_27219218}} 

I won't be able to offer you our services today, as I require direct access from vehicle to the front door.  The big powerful 'truck mounted' machine that enables my results to be such great value for money, is perminantly fix to my van.

You will require a service from a company that uses a portable carpet cleaning machine and not truck-mount.

Have a great day!

Would you like a quote on carpet cleaning?

Great, lets find out which carpeted areas you would like to get cleaned.

The quote obtained will be based on you answering the following questions as accurately as possible.
Would you like any Bedroom carpets cleaned?

How many bedroom carpets would you like cleaned?

Please include the Master bedroom in this number.
Would you like your lounge room carpet cleaned?

How many lounge rooms carpets would you like cleaned?

do you have a carpeted hallway?

Would you like the carpeted hallway/s to be cleaned?

How many carpeted hallways do you have?

Do you have a carpeted dining room?

NOTE: Dining room areas can be 'open plan' combination to a lounge room. In Unit living this can often be seen as the kitchen, dining and lounge room area that visually flow as one open space.
Would you like the dining room carpet cleaned?

How many dining room carpets do you need cleaned?

Do you have a carpeted home office?

If you have already counted the home office as a bedroom, its ok to answer this question as no.
Would you like the office carpet cleaned?

Do you have a carpeted stair case?

Would you like the carpeted stair case cleaned?

How many stair cases would you like cleaned?

A standard stair case which will take you up one building level, has 16  or less steps, whether it is straight, spiral or U-shaped with or without a landing.
Do you have a carpeted media room?

would you like the media room carpet cleaned?

Do you have a carpeted garage or a carpeted room that was converted from a garage?

Would you like the carpeted garage room cleaned?

how many car spaces was the garage designed for?

Commonly a garages converted into carpeted living space would have 1 or 2 car spots equivalents
Did I miss any other carpeted areas of your house?

Do you mind telling me what the area is?

Thanks {{answer_27219218}}, we are almost done with your carpet quote. I've just got a few random questions to make sure you are getting the right service for the best price!

Approximately how long has it been since you last got your carpets professionally cleaned?

Please don't classify a DIY carpet hire machine as professional, they are often the cause of hidden bacterial odour issues.

That's a long time between cleans! 

This makes it highly likely that a small amount of bacterial protein will be trapped deep in the carpet fibres and underlay.

When ignored, these microscopic 'tough guys' can multiply causing unpleasant odours and sickness. 

If you can afford just $30 more, we can treat your carpets with an enzyme digester.  This low odour treatment basically hugs the stinky bad guys till they give up and the good hygiene wins.

For just $30, I can put an enzyme bacterial treatment through your carpets. This is recommended for older carpets that may have hidden odours and trapped bacteria. The treatment basically hugs the bad odour causing bacteria microbes and influences them to give up to the fresh gentle scent, this leaves your carpets more positively clean.

To get the cheapest price possible, you can choose to thoroughly pre-vacuum the carpeted areas prior to our arrival, or for $30 more we can do it for you!

If you were to go and visit some of your friends at home, would you say that the carpeted areas in your house feel...

On the day of the clean, will the carpeted areas be?

Are you moving out of a rental property and require the service to satisfy the rental agreement?

Did you have any pets living at the rental property?

Do you require a flea treatment under the tenancy agreement because you had a pet?

Nearly all estate agents that agree to pets, conditionally request that the exiting tenants treat both inside and outside of the property for fleas. We recommend you check your lease agreement or contact your agent to make sure you are satisfying your end of lease.

If you're not 100% sure what your rental requirements are regarding flea treatments, simply get a quote for both, as you can always contact us later to modify your booking.

Thanks {{answer_27219218}} we're all done with the carpet talk. Lets have a quick look and see if there is anything else we can help you with today.

Can I give you a price on getting any rugs or mats professionaly cleaned?

Excellent, lets have a look at them.

How many rugs would you like to get cleaned?

From the 6 options, please select which woven textures best example your rug/s.

if not exact, close to the example should be fine.

What size rug/s would you have?

If your not sure about the exact size, just select the closest aproximate. We can always alter the quote on the day, to make sure charges are fair.

Has there been pet accidents on the rug/s?

Has there been any milk bottle/food spills on the rug/s?

We will assess your rug on the day to let you know if we believe it requires an enzyme bacterial treatment to minimise the posibility of malodours occuring.

Great, well thats all the rugs and mats sorted.

Would you like a quote on getting a couch upholstery cleaning?

As couch shapes differ so much from house to house, we have created a simple yet accurate way to make sure you get the right quote.

Using the measurement diagram displayed, how many seating positions does your couch have when you measure along the seated position area?

NOTE: arm chairs are commonly seen as one seated position.
Do any of the seating positions have a recliner function?

How many of the seated positions recline?

Does any of the seated positions have double-sided cushions you would like to get cleaned?

How many seated positions have flippable cushions?

Does the couch have a chase or poof?

How many chaises or poofs do you have?

Excellent, thats the end of upholstery cleaning questions.

Would you like a quote on getting any dining chairs upholstery cleaning?

Great, lets find out a little about your chairs.

What areas of the chairs have fabric on them?

How many dining chairs or office chairs do you have for cleaning?

Great, that's the chairs done!

Would you like us to freshen up any mattresses?

Excellent, lets find out about the mattresses then.

Has there been any odour causing accidents on the mattress/s that you would like to get rectified with bacterial cleaning treatments?

What sized matresses do you have for cleaning?

How many king mattresses do you have?

How many queen mattresses do you have?

How many double bed mattresses do you have?

How many king single mattresses do you have?

How many single mattresses do you have?

How many mattresses smaller than a single do you have?

How many cot mattresses do you have?

Great, that's the mattress sorted.

Would you like a quote on getting a vehicle interior upholstery cleaned?

Please select your vehicle type.

You can select more than one vehicle for upholstery cleaning.

What material is the tops of the seats upholstered with?

That should be about enough information we need to know about your vehicle.

Would you be interested in getting an estimate on tile and grout cleaning?

Great, lets get you an estimate on the tiled areas of your home.

By any chance, would you know the exact square metres of floor tiles in your home you would like cleaned?

Thats fine, I'm just gonna ask you a few questions about your house and hopefully we can work out a rough price estimate.

Please select the tiled areas you would like to see the grout cleaned in.

Were there any other areas we missed that you would like to see cleaned?

What area/s was that?

Please type your answer below.
If you were to go and visit some of your friends at home, would you say that the tiled areas in your house feel...

Great, how many square metres would that be?

Excellent, we can work with that to give you a quote on your tile and grout.

Last but not least, would you like a quote on Pest Control?

Great, lets find out about your pest needs to make sure you get the right quote.

Why are you wanting a pest treatment?

Which pests are causing you problems?

FYI, We can guarantee our treatments for longer if you let us treat inside and outside of your property.

Would you like a price on getting a ..

Which of these services do you require to satisfy your rental property lease agreement?

Thanks {{answer_27219218}}, that's the end of the pest management questions.

Thanks for that {{answer_27219218}}, I'm going to formalise the quote now, do you mind telling me your surname?

Are you a repeat client?

What would be the property address in {{answer_27424734}} ?

Please include street and unit numbers if required.
At this point in time, do you have a specific time and or date you would like to make a booking for?

What day or date works best for you?

We will do our best to achieve this for you based on availability.
We pride ourselves on being punctual, so do let us know your preferred timeframe. You will be offered a more accurate time option when you officially book.

Last but not least, the best contact phone number for the job.

Thank you once again {{answer_27219218}}. 
As a small family business, we are grateful for the opportunity to give you a quote and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
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